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Update by user Sep 06, 2012

Finally! I sent a letter to the BBB and they really came through.

Within days I had two phone calls and the guy actually followed up. Unfortunate it took all that effort since they lost my business within a couple of weeks of the snafu.

Got my refund and release of the domain name. Thanks to a bunch of followup and the BBB.

Update by user Aug 20, 2012

Ok so it is now August 20th. I wrote various letters including an official BBB complaint.

I believe the BBB at least helped with getting a real phone call however they (mydomain) happened to call me in the middle of my work day and I never have really talked to anyone. I exchanged voice mail and once again provided them with the information they asked for. Today the ticket has an entry that they need more information and it is signed by yet another person who has never been involved in this nearly 3 month old debacle.

I hope that you never choose MYDOMAIN.COM for anything. You might as well burn your money.

Original review posted by user Jun 07, 2012

Just a warning, don't use them. They migrated servers and lost all my account information and in turn, took my website down in the process.

It was down at least 12 days out of the first 30 days. To add insult to injury, thier "billing experts" refused to do anything until I proved to them I paid for the site. (Let's see, already had the domain name and control panel logins....Mmmmm) to date, site still down, still fighting them.

First line support was Ok but most of the guys had no idea what they were doing. They suck!!

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As others say, has a trackrecord of regularly messing about their customers and not offering decent customer support.

Our domain and sub-domain forwarding have suddenly stopped working for nearly a week now! This has caused us enormous issues and have well and truly done everything they can to try to damage our business by not responding to a single query.

I know a lot of other customers are affected too - one guy has 263 domain names which are not working thanks to screwing up again, as they have done many times of the years!

To add insult to injury, they are redirecting all our valuable traffic to their pages with Ppc ads from which they are making money!

I am disgusted and appalled that have not even responded to a single support ticket or email sent to them in the last week. They don't pick up the phone either - kept on call holding for over half an hour and still nobody picking it up.

I have tried to contact them 20 times in the last several days, using different means, without receiving a single reply from them!


July 27. Website still down.

I wrote a letter to the mother ship of mydomain, the registrar holder: in Vancouver WA. That got some other "account expert" on the email trail but they still insist they "need information from me to help them find the account." I am hoping that within a week or two, we have a full refund. Not sure what else can be done short of visiting them in person to see if they're willing to talk about it. One thing for sure, they're scared as *** to call you.

Never have they tried even though I left them my cell # many times. Just to reiterate: NEVER HOST WITH MYDOMAIN.COM!!!!!!


Really sorry to hear that. It is now June 20 and our site is still down. These guys should be shutdown, never to put anyone through this again.


Goin through *** with mydomain right now. they will not allow access to my site, they will not reimburse me an dthey will not answer any questions...

they suck...

I will talk to an attorney about filing a class action suit. They are horrible an dneed to be held accountable.

to mymz hairsuperstore Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States #616223

They totally suck. Lost all my email. Incompetent idiots.

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